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Crafts, projects, games, and activities ideas for cub scouts.


Daytime Constellations

With all the recent news around Pluto and recent historic pictures released, I thought a space themed craft would be appropriate. Thanks to Stephanie at Full of Great Ideas, here’s a great craft that you can do with your boys to teach them about space, stars, constellations, and more, and only requires a couple of materials.


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Camping Themed Story Stones

Today’s craft I found courtesy of the ladies at Playdough to Plato. The stones she made, which we’re showcasing here, are camping themed, which is perfect for cubs (whether you’re actually camping or not).  Plus, you can use any theme you’d like such as conservation, family, religion, sports, etc, go nuts!! There’s so many ways you can use these and incorporate them into den/pack meetings including:

  • Split up across multiple meetings:
    • 1 meeting collecting stones outdoors
    • Another meeting painting
    • A 3rd meeting storytelling
  • Lay out the stones and have each boy tell/write their own story or take turns adding sentences to a singular story
  • Put the stones in a hat/bucket and pass it around with each boy drawing out a stone and adding it to the overall story adding a sentence or two at a time
  • Combine with a game (hide-and-seek – hide the stones and have the boys find them, adding to the story as they find a stone)
  • After the story is told, have your cubs draw out a picture to illustrate the story they just wrote
  • As with most crafts, and cub scouts in general, the possibilities are endless
If you try this out, we would love to hear/see your stories. Please feel free to email a picture(s) of your story stones and the story your cubs wrote to cubmaster[at]cubscoutcrafts[dot]com and we’ll feature it on our site!!


  • Rocks (smooth flat stones work best)
  • Paint pens (oil based are best), Paints, or Permanent Markers

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Lego Marble Maze

What cub scout doesn’t LOVE Legos? Better yet, what cub scout doesn’t HAVE a TON of Legos? Most of them I know do. Caroline at De Tout Et De Rien (Everything and Nothing, for the non-French speakers — thanks Google Translate :)) has a great way to put all those extra Legos to use by building a Lego Marble maze.


  • Lots of Legos
  • Marble

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Crafts and 2015 Program changes

As I’m sure many of you know, the Cub Scout program and advancement requirements are changing effective June 1, 2015. As with any time program changes occur, a lot of people’s initial reactions are “Great, now I have to learn all this new stuff” or “How am I going to integrate this into my den/pack meetings?” The previous link provides some great resources for everyone and how to do just that, including an LDS unit integration plan. That being said, all my new crafts going forward will be posted with the new requirements in mind. This will help you immediately integrate the new program changes seamlessly into your unit and help give you some ideas of things you can do immediately after the changes are set to take affect.

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New Crafts Coming!! (This time for real!!!)

Well, it’s been nearly 3 years since an update, but that has not stopped people from visiting and enjoy our crafts. Thank you SO much. Sadly, I am no longer involved in scouting :(, hence the lack of updates. Shortly after I attended Wood Badge, I was asked to be our ward’s (I was a leader in an LDS pack) Varsity Scout troop (14-15 year olds). This lasted for about 4 months until my wife went back to work. Being a 1 vehicle family and her working evenings, this unfortunately meant I would have to give up scouts as we could just not make it work logistically with our kids. I have left this site up over the past couple years as a resource as I have received many wonderful emails from those who continue to use it.

Just a couple days ago, I was thinking to myself how I could continue to post here without being a cub scout leader (or even a scout leader) anymore so as to still provide a service to other scout leaders, without having a personal need to make all the crafts myself (yes, I used every single craft I made in my pack at the time). I finally came up with an idea when I realized, the crafts are already out there (some of my crafts I copied/tweaked/was inspired by other crafts I found)!! I can take those wonderful crafts and pair them the cub scout requirements to still provide the same service I started with to everyone!

So, be sure to check back for new crafts coming soon (I mean it this time). And as always, if you have a craft you would like to submit, we would love to post it.  Please email any/all images plus detailed instructions and a suggested category/categories for your post to cubmaster[at]cubscoutcrafts[dot]com.

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