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Aluminum Can Crusher

Today’s craft is a recycling craft that can actually be a money maker for your pack, as it was for afectionknit, where I found today’s craft. I actually had some 2×4’s left over from my Belt Loop and Pin Display Case as well as some wood screws. Thus I only had to pick up a strap hinge and a handle for just a couple bucks to complete this.


  • 2×4 wood
  • Wood screws
  • Handle
  • Strap Hinge
  • Jar Lids


  • Cut 2×4’s into 12″ pieces

  • Line up center pieces and attach strap hinge. Pre-drilling your holes will help drill the screws in as well as keep the wood from splintering.


  • Attach your jar lids to each end. I used a pint-sized mason jar lid and a pasta jar lid. The sizes actually work great as the mason jar lid is large enough for the whole can to sit in and the pasta sauce jar lid is just large enough to fit around the top of the can. Plus, the pasta jar lid fits perfectly inside of the mason jar lid, which makes storage easier. afectionknit has a great tip about the types of lids to use on her site as well. Remember to pre-drill the holes. I had no problems going through the lids.


  • Attach the handle to the top piece

  • Crush cans. I had to pinch the can a bit in the middle to fit both ends inside the jar lids


Achievements Fulfilled:

  • Tiger Elective #47
  • Wolf #5e
  • Wolf #7c
  • Wolf Elective #3a
  • Bear #6a
  • Webelos Craftsman #2 (1/2)
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