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Belt Loop and Pin Display Case

I found this craft in one of the Cub Scout Leader Yahoo! Groups that I am a part of. It was originally submitted by Lisa with modifications made by Julee from Pack 228 of the Great Alaska Council. I thought it was a fantastic idea for displaying Academic Belt Loops and Pins. There are many boys in our pack that don’t have either a belt, or a patch vest for displaying their Academic Letter they receive when they earn their first pin, so they have no way of storing/displaying the belt loops and pins that they earn. This is a great way to do just that.

I found a roll of cork at Staples that I used for this. They also had 12″x12″ squares that were a bit thicker, but the roll was a better deal, and the stems on the pins are not that long. For your rope, make sure it is thin enough that it can pass through the opening in the belt loops. For the craft felt, I found a large piece (I think 36″x36″) at Michael’s for only about $3.


  • 2×4 wood
  • Wood screws or nails, at least 2″ long
  • Power drill and bits
  • Red craft felt
  • Cork
  • Rope or paracord
  • Staple Gun
  • Hot Glue


  • Cut the 2×4 into 4 10.5″ pieces. My pieces were about 1.5″ wide. If  yours differ, cut then into lengths of 12″ minus (width of wood). This way, once assembled, you will have a 12″x12″ square.

  • Arrange the boards in a square like shown below.

  • Using 2″ wood screws or nails, attach the boards. Wood glue may assist in holding the boards in place before screwing them together. Either way, you WILL want to predrill your holes so the wood does not splinter.
  • I chose to stain my wood, it’s not necessary, but if you’d like, go ahead.

  • Choose which side you want to be the back and take your rope and cut 4-5 pieces long enough to fit across the square tautly and staple them in place. KEEP THEM TIGHT!

  • Next, take your craft felt and cut a square large enough to cover the case, roughly 12″x12″.
  • Using your hot glue gun, glue this to the back of the wood, it will be more permanently attached later. You will want it tight! (I forgot to take a picture at this point)
  • Next, take your cork and cut a square (again roughly 12″x12″) to cover the back of the case.
  • Lay it across the case and staple it in place with your staple gun. The staples also permanently attach the felt underneath. Again, make sure it is tight!

  • Flip it over and your case is done. Now just hang your belt loops from the rope pieces and stick your pins in the cork next to their respective belt loops

Achievements Fulfilled:

  • Wolf #5e
  • Wolf Elective #3e
  • Bear #20b (substitute)
  • Webelos Craftsman #3
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2Responsesto “Belt Loop and Pin Display Case”


  1. Fehler Says:

    Thank you, this is exactly what I was looking for! I was orginally going to do something similar with wood strap instead of elastic, but this looks much better. I may simplify with colored paper rather then felt, and cardboard rather then cork, but otherwise this is on my Webelos List for January (and just in time, none of them wear their belts anymore since they have 15+ belt loops each)

  2. Amy Says:

    We prototyped this tonight with a few small changes and it worked great! We intend to do it with the webelos this week. Thank you!


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