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Candy Dice Game

This was a game I picked up at our 2012 Cub Scout Leader Pow Wow. I took a class on games and had a blast and learned a ton of games.  This game I did not fare to well at but it was a lot of fun.  Not only can this game be played at den meetings and pack meetings, but you could also play it at family gatherings or even at home one evening with your own family.

To make the die, I found a large wooden block at my parent’s house and cut it into a cube. I then sanded the edges and corners to help it roll better and then painted it white. Depending on the size of your block you can write the actions on the sides, paint them, or use adhesive lettering.



  • 1 Large custom wooden die with the following written on the sides: (1) ADD A BAR, (2) DOUBLE TAKE, (3) TRADE BAGS, (4) SKIP A TURN, (5) ?GUESS?, (6) TAKE THE BOWL.
  • 1 large bucket or bowl
  • Enough brown paper lunch bags for all players
  • LOTS of small/fun-size candy
  • Poster board with list of all candy in play



  • Circle of chairs, enough for all players
  • Large bowl in the center of the circle
  • All players begin with a brown paper lunch bag with 3-5 pieces of candy in it.


One person starts by rolling the die. Whatever the die lands on determines the actions taken by the player.

  • ADD A BAR: The player who rolled adds one piece of candy to the bowl
  • DOUBLE TAKE: The player who rolled takes one piece of candy from both the person on their right and the person on their left (no looking)
  • TRADE BAGS: The player who rolled trades bags with any player in the circle
  • SKIP A TURN: The player who rolled ends their turn with no action taken.
  • ?GUESS?: The player who rolled guesses what kind of a candy bar any other player has in their bag. If they are correct, they get it, if not nothing happens and their turn ends.
  • TAKE THE BOWL: The player who rolled gets to take all the candy in the bowl

Set a time limit or go around the circle a set number of times. Be sure to have some extra candy on hand to replenish the bowl after it is emptied.

Achievements Fulfilled:

  • Tiger Elective #3
  • Wolf Elective #3e
  • Wolf Elective #4 (substitute for any of requirements)
  • Bear #10b
  • Bear #15b (1 of 2)
  • Webelos Family Member #8
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3Responsesto “Candy Dice Game”


  1. Jean Russell Says:

    Great idea! I can’t wait to share this one with the boys! We are also planning to help our Chartered Organization with an auction basket and may look to add this in there. How fun! Thanks.

  2. Cubmaster Says:

    We played this tonight with our pack and the boys LOVED IT!! I was hoping this game would be a hit and it was. They had so much fun!

  3. Cubmaster Says:

    A friend of mine pointed out this could be very easily made with a large styrofoam cube, paper pieces for each side, and Mod Podge. It would also be much lighter to haul around.

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