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How to Make Easily Removable Costume Necklaces

There are lots of times when we make necklaces in scouts.  Most often they are beaded and Native American in style.  However, necklaces can be used for skits, costumes, awards, and more.  One of the problems with making necklaces is getting it on and off easily.  One option is to make it long enough to fit over the head, but then (if you have a big head like I do) it may hang down lower than you want.  I came up with the following idea while I was making my Eagle Claw Necklace.

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How to Make a Knot Tying Board

I was working with my son today on his Outdoorsman Activity Badge #11. The requirement for #11 is:

Demonstrate setting up a tent or dining fly using two half hitches and a taut-line hitch. Show how to tie a square knot and explain how it is used.

As I was preparing to teach him the three knots above, I realized that I have tied them all a couple of times, but not enough to remember how to do them without looking them up.  I realized I, and my son, needed a repeatable way to work on knots, so I came up with this knot tying board. I threw this together fairly quickly using a piece of cardboard, however you could just as easily make a more sturdy one out of a small piece of wood such as plywood.  The cardboard has spaces to practice tying a square knot, bowline knot, overhand knot, tautline hitch, clove hitch, two half hitches, a sheet bend, and whipping. While only the square knot, taut-line hitch, and two half hitches are listed in the requirements for the Outdoorsman Activity Badge, all the above knots are listed on pages 350-351 of the Webelos Book as they are all very useful knots to know for camping.

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Candy Dice Game

This was a game I picked up at our 2012 Cub Scout Leader Pow Wow. I took a class on games and had a blast and learned a ton of games.  This game I did not fare to well at but it was a lot of fun.  Not only can this game be played at den meetings and pack meetings, but you could also play it at family gatherings or even at home one evening with your own family.

To make the die, I found a large wooden block at my parent’s house and cut it into a cube. I then sanded the edges and corners to help it roll better and then painted it white. Depending on the size of your block you can write the actions on the sides, paint them, or use adhesive lettering.

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March 2012 Achievement of the Month – Wildlife Conservation Belt Loop

This post will be the first in our “Achievement of the Month” series. Every month we will highlight an award or achievement that relates to that particular month’s core value or theme as well as crafts that can be completed as part of the requirements for that achievement or award.

March’s Core Value is Compassion and the supplemental theme is Planting Seeds of Kindness. For this month’s achievement of the month, we chose to highlight the Wildlife Conservation Belt Loop.

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Welcome to – GIVEAWAY!!!

Welcome to! This site is a resource for Cub Scouts, Cub Scout Leaders, and Cub Scout Parents. Almost all posts will have a craft in them  or crafting vibe to it. As a former den leader and now cubmaster, I know it can be difficult at times to come up with crafts and other fun ideas for scouts to do to keep them engaged and entertained. One of the core objectives of cub scouting is teaching the boys the fundamentals of scouting and preparing them for boy scouts and adulthood. Many of their achievements are centered around learning; learning about our country, our family, our community, our environment, etc. A lot of times this can very easily become a classroom-like environment. One thing I realized while I was a den leader, and that I now stress to our current den leaders, is that the last thing I want is for the boys to feel like den meetings are just another hour of school. Crafts are a way to break out of that monotony yet still teach the boys something fun and exciting.

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