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Pretzel (Faith) Neckerchief Slide

How many of you does this sound like? I had our April pack meeting all set to go and planned out, it was going to be great. I had all my ceremonies, props, activities, etc. Everything was ready. Then, a couple hours before pack meeting, I get a text message from our Committee Chair that we can’t use the gym at our church building where we meet because another group is using it. This means that we have to use one of the smaller rooms which won’t fit any of our games, activities, nothing. Sound familiar?

So, at the last minute I had to come up with a whole new pack meeting. The core value for April was Faith so our pack meeting was centered around that. With little ideas coming to mind, I jumped immediately to Baloo’s Bugle. In there I found instructions to make a simple neckerchief slide out of a pretzel, some craft foam, and pvc pipe. There is also a great story to go along with it that you can share that tells the history of the pretzel and how it relates to faith (see below). Unfortunately, I only have pictures of the finished product, but it’s a very simple craft so the step-by-step pictures really aren’t necessary.


  • 1/2″ PVC pipe 1-2″ long
  • Craft foam
  • Pretzels
  • Hot Glue


  • If not already, cut your 1/2″ PVC pipe into a length of about 1-2″.
  • Place a pretzel on a piece of craft foam and draw a square around it.
  • Cut out the square piece of craft foam.
  • With the hot glue gun (or other glue), glue your pretzel to the craft foam.
  • Once dry, glue the craft foam to the PVC pipe.



A few weeks before Christmas in 610 AD, Brother Bachman was kneading bread dough while he watched the village children play in the snow. “Too bad they aren’t as interested in their prayers,” he thought to himself.

“If only there was some way to get them back to saying their prayers and coming to church,” he said to himself. As he was finishing up the last loaves of bread, Brother Bachman was suddenly struck with a most original idea. He thoughtfully gathered up the leftover dough and began to form pencil-like strips, which he then twisted into a shape that looked like a child’s arms folded in prayer. “Ah! A Pretiola!” he declared, which in Latin meant little reward.

He opened the bakery window and called out to the children. “Come in, come in say your prayers, and I will give you a Pretiola!” It didn’t take much convincing. Soon each child had learned a prayer and proudly received a “little reward.” Rushing home, the children excitedly told their parents. Word of Brother Bachman’s idea soon spread through the village, and children and parents alike visited the chapel to receive a Pretiola.

The Christmas Prayer Service that year was especially festive and bright. The church was filled with families once again. And as the cheerful voices rose in prayer and song together, Brother Bachman smiled joyfully and thanked the Lord for little rewards.

The Pretiola soon found its way into Germany and Austria. It became a symbol of excellence used to reward worthy accomplishments as the church and youth programs flourished.

Through the centuries, Pretiola became known as “Pretzel” as we know it today. If you make a Pretzel Tie Slide, you can tell the story, too!

(source: Baloo’s Bugle – Vol. 18 Issue 8, p.17)

Achievements Fulfilled:

  • Wolf #11c
  • Bear Elective #9a
  • Webelos Artist #9
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