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SUPER Simple Bird Feeders

Here’s another craft I found on Pinterest that comes via Kelly at Here Comes the Sun. This worked really well for our pack since we have a boy with a sever peanut allergy so we couldn’t do the traditional “pine cone-peanut butter-bird seed” bird feeders. This is a great alternative and is really simple and quick.


  • Cheerios
  • Pipe Cleaners


  • Tie a small loop in one end of the pipe cleaner

  • String the cheerios onto the pipe cleaner stopping with about an inch or so left at the end

  • Tie a small knot at the end of the pipe cleaner to keep the cheerios from falling off

Now, just find a lovely little branch and hang your bird feeder on it and wait for the birds to come.

Achievements Fulfilled:

  • Tiger Elective #32
  • Wolf Elective #13e
  • Bear #5b
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1 Responseto “SUPER Simple Bird Feeders”


  1. Sherry Says:

    OOH! I like the simplicity of this bird feeder. We often have younger siblings that come to our meetings. If the Cubs are working on a different type of bird feeder, we could have the siblings make these!

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