Cub Scout Crafts

Crafts, projects, games, and activities ideas for cub scouts.


Sweet Pinewood Derby Awards

We had our 2012 Pinewood Derby at the end of February.  For awards, I wanted to do something more than just the standard “Most/Best (Fill in the Blank) Car”. A couple years ago, I remember having Pinewood Derby Car Twinkies for snacks, but I don’t remember everything that was on them. You can do a search on Google Images for ideas, but at they’re most basic, split two Oreo Cookies in half and use the four pieces for wheels. The creme filling will help them attach to the Twinkie.  You could also use Lifesavers, Peppermints, or any other rounded candy.

This was an idea I found on Pinterest (one of my new favorite resources for finding cub scout crafts) via Brandy at Gluesticks. I could not find mini boxes of Junior Mints or Dots (the snack size you get at Halloween) so I substituted with a 5-pack of Juicy Fruit and 5-pack of Doublemint gums. I also picked up some boxes of Tic-Tacs that could be used as well. I must say, these awards were a HUGE hit with our boys!!

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Candy Dice Game

This was a game I picked up at our 2012 Cub Scout Leader Pow Wow. I took a class on games and had a blast and learned a ton of games.  This game I did not fare to well at but it was a lot of fun.  Not only can this game be played at den meetings and pack meetings, but you could also play it at family gatherings or even at home one evening with your own family.

To make the die, I found a large wooden block at my parent’s house and cut it into a cube. I then sanded the edges and corners to help it roll better and then painted it white. Depending on the size of your block you can write the actions on the sides, paint them, or use adhesive lettering.

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