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How to Make a Knot Tying Board

I was working with my son today on his Outdoorsman Activity Badge #11. The requirement for #11 is:

Demonstrate setting up a tent or dining fly using two half hitches and a taut-line hitch. Show how to tie a square knot and explain how it is used.

As I was preparing to teach him the three knots above, I realized that I have tied them all a couple of times, but not enough to remember how to do them without looking them up.  I realized I, and my son, needed a repeatable way to work on knots, so I came up with this knot tying board. I threw this together fairly quickly using a piece of cardboard, however you could just as easily make a more sturdy one out of a small piece of wood such as plywood.  The cardboard has spaces to practice tying a square knot, bowline knot, overhand knot, tautline hitch, clove hitch, two half hitches, a sheet bend, and whipping. While only the square knot, taut-line hitch, and two half hitches are listed in the requirements for the Outdoorsman Activity Badge, all the above knots are listed on pages 350-351 of the Webelos Book as they are all very useful knots to know for camping.

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