Cub Scout Crafts

Crafts, projects, games, and activities ideas for cub scouts.


Eagle Claw Necklace for New Scouts

This craft is a pack tradition of ours that was passed down to me from our old pack Cubmaster. It is relatively simple to make and very cheap. I make this for all the new scouts that join our pack as a reminder that their ultimate goal as a scout is to achieve their Eagle rank. (I don’t have any “in progress” pictures as I already had this one made, but it’s really easy to make)


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2 Native American Necklaces

Unlike my Eagle Claw Necklace, these two Native American Necklaces I made from scratch out of Wood Beads, Pony Beads, Eagle Claws, and some medallions.  Both of these necklaces are part of my Native American costume I use for ceremonies but could be used for Wolf Elective #10c or other Native American activities. Learning to tie the square knot and bowline knots will also partially complete Bear achievement #22b

Wooded Eagle Claw Necklace

I got this necklace idea from a member of my local Wipala Wiki Lodge of the Order of the Arrow at our 2012 Cub Scout Pow Wow.  I can’t say this is the only idea I “borrowed” from them and I will be posting those here as well. The wood beads I picked up at Walmart as well as the medallion and string. I found the medallion in the craft/jewelry section on the bottom shelf in a box of a bunch of small random bags for $1. It’s simple a semi-hollowed out piece of wood with (what I thought) a Native American design pained on it.


  • 4 Plastic Eagle Claws (
  • 18 Wood Beads
  • 1 Medallion
  • Approximately 30″ of string

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