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Crafts, projects, games, and activities ideas for cub scouts.


Religious Knot Ceremony Display

For the upcoming April Core Value of Faith, I found this craft in the April Pack Meeting Resource Guide. This craft is a great aide in presenting boys with their Religious Emblem award. It is relatively simple to create, and as a bonus, you could very easily create different versions to aid in presenting other award knots, such as leader knots.


  • Plywood (or other wooden board)
  • Purple craft felt
  • Rope
  • Silver spray paint
  • Adhesive spray
  • Wood glue
  • Hot Glue gun

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Wooden Neckerchief Slide Holder

There are so many great neckerchief ideas out there. However, I’ve never pursued making any of them, mainly because I don’t have a great way of storing them. I’ve seen a few different neckerchief slide holders however most of them are pretty simple: pegboard and wire. I wanted to make something a bit more “elegant” than that.

A lot of the neckerchief slides that I see are made with PVC pipe, usually 1/2″. I wanted to make a holder out of wood so I figured dowels would work well to hold the slides, 3/8″ to be exact. My first thought was to use a couple of long dowels and just stack the slides on them. However, I realized that if you wanted to get a slide off the bottom, you would have to take everything off above it. So instead, I decided to use multiple short dowels, for one or two slides apiece. A dowel from any hardware store will usually be 48″ and will only run about $1.


  • Piece of pine (or other similar) wood for the base
  • 3/8″ dowel
  • Drill
  • Mitre saw
  • Wood glue
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Belt Loop and Pin Display Case

I found this craft in one of the Cub Scout Leader Yahoo! Groups that I am a part of. It was originally submitted by Lisa with modifications made by Julee from Pack 228 of the Great Alaska Council. I thought it was a fantastic idea for displaying Academic Belt Loops and Pins. There are many boys in our pack that don’t have either a belt, or a patch vest for displaying their Academic Letter they receive when they earn their first pin, so they have no way of storing/displaying the belt loops and pins that they earn. This is a great way to do just that.

I found a roll of cork at Staples that I used for this. They also had 12″x12″ squares that were a bit thicker, but the roll was a better deal, and the stems on the pins are not that long. For your rope, make sure it is thin enough that it can pass through the opening in the belt loops. For the craft felt, I found a large piece (I think 36″x36″) at Michael’s for only about $3.

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Mouse Trap Catapult

This craft comes from Scouter Jeff at The Trainer’s Corner Blog. ┬áThe first idea for a mouse trap catapult was simply a plastic spoon taped to a mousetrap. This catapult is so much better and I was super excited to build it. My son and I put this together in about and hour and it is pretty awesome. We had a lot of fun playing with it after it was built. We’re actually planning on building a target to turn it into a game.

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