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Target Bounce Game

Here is a fun game for scouts to play that is very simple to make.  I found this on Pinterest via Jo at Smile Monsters. This will work as a great gathering activity or you could even turn it into a pack meeting activity if you made a few of them and had a competition.  Have the boys make their own, and they can complete any of the achievements listed below.


  • 1 egg carton (dozen count)
  • 4 different colored sharpies or markers (including black)
  • 1 piece of tag board, poster board, construction paper, etc (any color)
  • 1 ping pong ball


  • You can choose to remove the lid or not. The original design removed the lid. I chose to keep it on to make it easy to close and keep the ball inside. However, it may not lay completely flat.
  • Decide on your colors for 1-point, 3-point, and 5-point. Color in 3 1-point slots, 2 3-point slots, and 1 5-point slot. These can be anywhere you’d like. You can fill in more slots if you’d like, this is the layout that I used:

  • Cut out your tag board/paper to the shape of the top of the egg carton for the instructions.
  • Come up with a clever name for your game (I was not original and just used Target Bounce) and write down the point values for each color you chose


  • Designate a “Throwing Line” on the floor
  • Place the egg carton at a specified distance away from the “Throwing Line”
  • Decide on a set number of turns for each player. Most points after set number of turns wins
  • One player at a time tosses the ball at the egg carton and score the appropriate number of points (0, 1, 3, 5)
There lots of variations for this game. You can drop the ping pong ball from above the the egg carton into it, you can toss the ball from a specified line, you could require at least one bounce, etc. There plenty of options and plenty of opportunities to come up with your own.

Achievements Fulfilled:

  • Tiger Elective #3
  • Wolf #10b
  • Wolf Elective #4a (substitute)
  • Bear #10b
  • Bear #15b (1/2)
  • Bear #15c
  • Webelos Craftsman #4 (1/4)
  • Webelos Family Member #8

What variations did you come up with? How do you play this game? Please share with us in the comments below.

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4Responsesto “Target Bounce Game”


  1. Kristin Metz Says:

    I am going to try this with my Bear den this Tuesday. I will let you know how it went. Thank you!

  2. Cubmaster Says:

    @Kristin – Have fun!! Our boys enjoyed it. We combined it with the Mouse Trap Catapult for an extra challenge

  3. Abbie Says:

    I am going to use this for our pack activity tonight… Thanks for the idea!

  4. Barbara Terrill Says:

    I used a variation of this with my Resource math class – I’m a teacher as well as a Cubmaster – I put numbers in each hole and they threw 2 balls – and then had to multiply the two numbers and give me the answer. They loved it!

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