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Wooden Neckerchief Slide Holder

There are so many great neckerchief ideas out there. However, I’ve never pursued making any of them, mainly because I don’t have a great way of storing them. I’ve seen a few different neckerchief slide holders however most of them are pretty simple: pegboard and wire. I wanted to make something a bit more “elegant” than that.

A lot of the neckerchief slides that I see are made with PVC pipe, usually 1/2″. I wanted to make a holder out of wood so I figured dowels would work well to hold the slides, 3/8″ to be exact. My first thought was to use a couple of long dowels and just stack the slides on them. However, I realized that if you wanted to get a slide off the bottom, you would have to take everything off above it. So instead, I decided to use multiple short dowels, for one or two slides apiece. A dowel from any hardware store will usually be 48″ and will only run about $1.


  • Piece of pine (or other similar) wood for the base
  • 3/8″ dowel
  • Drill
  • Mitre saw
  • Wood glue


  • Cut a base of whatever size you would like for your base, mine is 6″ x 12″
  • Cut the dowel into 2″ pieces

  • Drill 3/8″ holes into the base for the dowels. Do not drill all the way through the board! For a more snug fit, you may want to use something just slightly smaller like a 5/16″ or 11/32″ and then pound it in with a rubber mallet. I had already stained my mallet before I took the picture below.

  • Place a small amount of wood glue into the holes. Don’t place too much otherwise it will seep out when you stick the dowels in

  • Place the dowels into the holes and allow the glue to dry


  • The base can stand on it’s own or if you’d like, you can add picture hanging wire to the back to hang it on a wall

Achievements Fulfilled:

  • Wolf #5e
  • Wolf Elective #3e
  • Bear #20b (substitute)
  • Webelos Craftsman #2 (1/2)
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